Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kimmy Tried Crossplay

I've always wanted to try out crossplaying and yesterday I did try it out :)
Lily was so kind and borrowed me her Kiryuu Zero crossplay, so I could try out if I can look like a man and stuff :) But, I think my face is too female for crossplaying, I'm glad that I haven't bought any expensive wigs before trying it :P It would have been a shame if I bought a nice wig and then I couldn't use it :')

When I had really serious face I kinda looked a little like a man, but I'm still too female-ish for me :) So I propably won't crossplay again (never say never).. :P

But here's some of those pictures that we tooked yesterday, Lily was my photographer :P

And this last picture is just for making you guys laugh!! :)

I didn't take any kind of long legged trousers, only my shorts.. And two dress xD And I only tooked high heels with me :P Soo~ Hopefully everybody had good laughs ;D

So, what I really think about crossplay? I'm really jealous to everyone that can look like the opposite sex :) Not everyone can do that :) And binding.. Well.. I can't say anything, 'cause I did skate for 10 years and I really know how to breath differently so.. There wasn't any difficulties for me in that.. And my boobs really didn't even care.. I didn't hurt or anything so I'm happy about that :)
If I try crossplay again, I'll crossplay characters that are "beautiful male"-type :P I think that kind of characters might suit me :P You never know if you don't try? :D But I really recommend to try out some of ur friends crossplay before hand, so you can't get dissapointed after buying all those expensive wigs etc :)


  1. haha :D Mitä turhaa kokeilemaa :D Suoraa vaa crossaamaa miehii vaikkei olis miehine ;D

  2. no ei kyl :D Mun mielestä on parempi kokeilla kuin katua ;D