Monday, August 2, 2010

Cosplay Plans

I have already booked my 2011 summer cosplays, but now there's one new cosplay that will be joining my other cosplays :)

I accidently got Princess Ai - Evolution (book 3) in my hand and I just stopped there - staring at the cover of it.. There! I'll cosplay Princess Ai!! :) But!! I'm between two different outfits..

I would so love to make this outfit:

It's on the cover and I love it!! But.. Is it too exposing? Hmm.. And those wings..

Other outfit is this:

This is just some art, but I like that simple outfit too :) It's something I would love to wear (and I think that I would feel myself comfortable in :) )

Both outfits are awesome, other needs more time and one is simpler but.. Wich should I do? ;;__;; Or both? I really need peoples opinion in this decision!! ;;__;; So please, tell me wich one you think that I should do? :)


  1. toinen. Eka on turhan paljastava :D

  2. Allright, teen sitten varmaan niin :D Ja on toi toinen paljon helpompikin xD