Monday, August 9, 2010

Cosplay Plans For Summer 2011

Here's 7 cosplays that I'm going to do for the next summer! Woot! I think it's so many, but I've already done couple of them, I just have to do some changes (make them better! :D), but here's the outfits:

First cosplay that I decided was Umi Ryuuzaki (the girl at left in this picture), this outfit is "Hydro Power" and I just looooove this outfit so much<3

This group comes to Desucon 2011 ;D

I'm also going to cosplay Madam Red (yes, again, but different outfit!!) and I'm going to make her ball room dress:

I'm sorry for the girl in this picture, but I couldn't find better picture of the outfit, so that's why.. But I love corsets and that is also why I just HAVE to make this cosplay!! :D And I think I'm going to wear this cosplay at Animecon 2011 ;D

I'm also going to cosplay Bo Peep again, I'm making some changes to the outfit, but still.. I like this cosplay very much! :) Even though I do have ten meters of fabric on my vaist xD

This cosplay I'm going to wear at Kosucon, that is held at Jyväskylä :) We're having this HUGE Disney group, here's all the characters that are coming: Giselle, Prince Edward, Tiana, Charlotte, Bo Peep (ME!! :D), Jessie, Jasmine, Aladdin, Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Alice/Cinderella, Jane, Snow White, Wendy, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Ursula, Ariel, Chef, Sora, Thumbelina!! :D

And! I'm already making Lulu's outfit to Meuwcon that is held at Stockholm the very next weekend :S My outfit will be a failure, but I'm going to make it better to Tracon VI!! :D (I'm joining a group there too xD)

And I don't know where I got this idea of cosplaying Reira at Desucon, but I talked about this to my friend Lily and she will cosplay Nana and I also asked Teemu to join as Ren and he agreed!! :D But if someone wants, you can join, there's still many characters available ;D

I'm not sure wich outfit I'm going to do.. Maybe Trigger.. :S

And 'cause I want to torture myself I decided to make another oufit!! :D This time it's Princess Ai:

I'm going to use this at Kosucon too, on the second day :P I hate using one costume two days in a row, it's painful to do so many cosplays, but what the hell! I want to do them!! :)

And yesterday I decided this: I'm going to cosplay Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII!! :) Lily will maybe cosplay (hopefully!! ;D) Serah!! :)

And here's again all the characters and wich series/games/movies they are from :) And where I'm going to cosplay them! :D

Umi Ryuuzaki "Hydro Power" - Magic Knight Rayearth (Anime and Manga) - Desucon III/2011
Madam Red "Ball Room" - Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler (Anime/Manga) - Animecon VIII/2011
Bo Peep - Toy Story (Disney-movie) - Kosucon I/2011
Lulu - Final Fantasy X/X-2 (Games) - Tracon VI/2011
Reira - NANA (Anime and Manga) - Desucon III/2011
Princess Ai "Art Book" - Princess Ai (Manga) - Kosucon I/2011
Lightning - Final Fantasy XIII (Game) - Animecon VIII/2011


  1. miten nii MKR Desuun? :D Ei siit olla sovittu viel mitää! :D

    Ja millo me muka puhuttii et cossattais FFXIII:tä tänä vuonna? :O

  2. Kyllähän me päätettiin että se ois Desuun!! :O Ja mä haluun tehä sen jo nyt ;D