Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tracon V - Saturday

Allright, yesterday my friend (Lily!! :D) told me that there has camed some pictures to aniki's pages from Tracon V kuvauspalvelu :) So today I went there and cheked these photos.. I'm not such a failure, right? xD In my own two photos my expression is okay, but in our group photo it really sucks xD I look so pissed out.. :')

I really like these two pictures of me :) Even though my pose is almost the same.. :) And my wig looks kinda okay, too! :) It's not so bad looking that I had imagined it would be xD

And here's that group picture:

Kingdom Heart 2 - School Kairi: Riikka
MagicKnight Rayearth - Ferio: Niina
And as Fuu Hououji: Lily
One Piece - Hina: Milla
??? (Don't remember the name of the game or character, way to go me!!): Eve
And of course from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler - Madam Red: MEH! xD

And as everybody can see, I'm the tallest one in our group.. :')


  1. meiä ryhmäkuva on ainoo missä ite näytän siedettävältä :D

  2. No, se taas on ainut jossa ite en xD Mutta postasin senkin kuitenkin~