Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time Travel To Year 2007

I cleaned up my room a bit the other day and I found some of my old drawings, they're from year 2007.. I was so happy that I found them, 'cause now I really can see that my drawing skills has really evolved past thease 3 years :)

First drawin is Maid Minto from Tokyo MewMew, I was a fan of Tokyo MewMew back then (I'm so ashamed of that >__<) and I drew a lot of TMM drawings, here's this one I found:

Well.. I really like the coloring of this one.. And I just LOVE that birdie.. I can't do a bird like that anymore, sadly :( The only thing that I hate in this drawing is Minto's legs, they're too short and well.. There's a lot of small mistakes, but overall I do like this (let's just cut her legs firstly off!!)>

This second drawing is Suigintou from Rozen Maiden.. I love that character so much and I have always wanted to cosplay her.. :3 I have the fabrics already and I have sewed that jacket, maybe I should do it xD But to the drawing:

Hmm.. Here's a lot that I dislike.. Her legs and face.. They just.. irritate me xD And I noticed that the coloring could be better too (but now I want to draw her again :S)..

Third drawing is Misha from Pita Ten.. I watched like.. 3 to 6 episodes and stopped there (I was afraid my brains would go boom).. I didn't even remember drawing her..

*cough chough* It is better than that Suigintou drawing but.. I don't know why I like that Suigintou drawing more than that.. I guess it's just the character then..

Now I have relealed somethig so embarassing from my past, but I don't care, 'cause I know I'm a much better drawer atm and past always stays in the past :P And I'm proud of myself, about that that I really did knew how to color and do shadings even in the year 2007.. :) And I'm also proud of me evolving!! ^^

Maybe next time I should reveal something really embarassing from my cosplay past, hmm? ;D

Oh, and btw, thease drawings have been drewn to paper size A3, so the drawings are huge!! :O

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