Thursday, July 29, 2010


There ain't many series that I love to read, only few atm.. And I already have introduced that Alice in the Counrty of Hearts to you, so I think it's time for Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler! :)

So Here's something of the plot:
In a manor house on the outskirts of Victorian era London, butler Sebastian Michaelis serves Ciel Phantomhive, the orphaned twelve-year-old head of an English noble family and a toy and candy empire, who serves directly under the Queen. Sebastian carries out any task required by his master while solving the problems plaguing England with ease and perfection, because of his demonic lineage and Faustian contract with his master.

This manga is written and drawn by Yana Toboso.. :)

What I really like is thease hilarious characters and I think it has really great story, even though some of thease little stories do distract me :( But I really love this manga (and anime also, but I think this manga is better than anime :D).. My favourite character is Grell Sutcliff (even though his gay, that's a shame :( ) And it's also a shame that in manga, he hasn't appeared since killing madam, but in anime he reappears..

Here's a link where you can read Kuroshitsuji online! :D

There's also made video game for Nintendo DS and it's called Black Butler: Phantom & Ghost!! I reeeeally want that video game >__<

Btw, Milla found this awfull picture of us in Tracon V!! :D Can't help but to laugh to it xD My expression is so damn sexy x,D


  1. ihana toi eka kuva >3<
    Ja aivan upee salakuva xD Anniinaki on iha tööt xD

  2. Se eka kuva on joo todellanin ihanuus :3
    Ja todellakin ihana salakuva xD Mä vaan repeilen sille xD