Monday, July 19, 2010


is my friend :D

Today I'm going to order/buy two wigs from eBay (and from top-rated sellers, of course xD) one wig for my Lulu cosplay and one for my Madam Red cosplay :) I hope that both wigs will come in time to me :S I can always return those if they don't, but in that case I'm going to freak xD

Here's the wig I'm going to order to my Lulu cosplay :)

It looks good and seller says that professional hairdresser has "designed" it, so.. better be good!! :D

And here's the wig that I'm going to order to my Madam Red cosplay :D

I really like it :D It's a LOT better than my previous Madam Red wig :S Here's a picture of what that wig was before I modified it:

And here's my finished Madam Red cosplay:

So, the wig is pretty good and all.. :) After I modified it xD But you all can see that I really do need a new wig.. So, I'm going to order/buy them.. NOW!! :D