Thursday, July 22, 2010

Child's Play

Well.. I didn't really get any good ideas as the headline so "child's play" is okay xD

Yeaterday, I was working, as usually, but after work, I left to town and bought the stuff that I need to finish Lulu's jewelry :) Here's the stuff I bought:

Well, you can't see clearly what I bought, but tomorrow you'll see what I really made of these ;D But I bought those things from Sinooperi and Nappi-Aitta :)

I also went to Suomalaiseen Kirjakauppaan, I bought something for Lily and also something for myself, check it out!! :D

It's a note book!! :D But.. Look closely who's on the cover!! :D It's Shin and Reira from NANA!!! :D So ofcourse I bought it!! :3 I have always dreamed about cosplaying Reira someday :) And if there's enough cons next year, maybe I will!! :) 'Cause I already have her Louis Vuitton shoes xD

And, I wanted to pamper myself, so I bought one dress for me too:

I love it!! :) And it only costed 10 euros!! :) So cheep :3

I use bike when I go to work and to town, I want to save diesel money xD So it was so fun to go swimming after coming from town xD

And the water was 26C!!! :O So warm, I loved it!! :)

And.. I have been thinking of getting new hair style, but I miss my old hair too:

Should I go and do something new for my hair, or should I get it as it was? :) Tell me your opinion!! :) Please? :)


  1. alan nyt pilkun nussijaks mut kait sä sen kestät :D
    1)ku kirjotetaa et menee jonneki (paikan nimi on suomeks) se kirjotetaan siinä alkuperäsessä muodossa: Suomalainen kirjakauppa

    cheep=visertää, sirkuttaa yms :D

    Oli muute tosi kivan näköne toi sun vihkos minkä ostit :D

    ps. went to town ;)
    pps. älä tapa mua<3

  2. en tapa, näistä onneks puhuttiin jo puhelimessa, niin olin jo vaurautunu xD