Thursday, July 29, 2010


There ain't many series that I love to read, only few atm.. And I already have introduced that Alice in the Counrty of Hearts to you, so I think it's time for Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler! :)

So Here's something of the plot:
In a manor house on the outskirts of Victorian era London, butler Sebastian Michaelis serves Ciel Phantomhive, the orphaned twelve-year-old head of an English noble family and a toy and candy empire, who serves directly under the Queen. Sebastian carries out any task required by his master while solving the problems plaguing England with ease and perfection, because of his demonic lineage and Faustian contract with his master.

This manga is written and drawn by Yana Toboso.. :)

What I really like is thease hilarious characters and I think it has really great story, even though some of thease little stories do distract me :( But I really love this manga (and anime also, but I think this manga is better than anime :D).. My favourite character is Grell Sutcliff (even though his gay, that's a shame :( ) And it's also a shame that in manga, he hasn't appeared since killing madam, but in anime he reappears..

Here's a link where you can read Kuroshitsuji online! :D

There's also made video game for Nintendo DS and it's called Black Butler: Phantom & Ghost!! I reeeeally want that video game >__<

Btw, Milla found this awfull picture of us in Tracon V!! :D Can't help but to laugh to it xD My expression is so damn sexy x,D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tracon V - Saturday

Allright, yesterday my friend (Lily!! :D) told me that there has camed some pictures to aniki's pages from Tracon V kuvauspalvelu :) So today I went there and cheked these photos.. I'm not such a failure, right? xD In my own two photos my expression is okay, but in our group photo it really sucks xD I look so pissed out.. :')

I really like these two pictures of me :) Even though my pose is almost the same.. :) And my wig looks kinda okay, too! :) It's not so bad looking that I had imagined it would be xD

And here's that group picture:

Kingdom Heart 2 - School Kairi: Riikka
MagicKnight Rayearth - Ferio: Niina
And as Fuu Hououji: Lily
One Piece - Hina: Milla
??? (Don't remember the name of the game or character, way to go me!!): Eve
And of course from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler - Madam Red: MEH! xD

And as everybody can see, I'm the tallest one in our group.. :')


(I'm sorry, this post is only in finnish :( )

Okei, elikkä kyse on nyt sitten cosplay-viikosta joka alkaa pian, ja sain sähköpostia J-rakultakin asiasta, joten ajattelin postailla asian eteenpäin, jos joku sattuisikin olemaan kiinnostunut kyseisestä asiasta! :)

"Cosplayviikko järjestetään jälleen. Aiemmista vuosista poiketen se sijoittuu viikolle 30-31 eli 31.7.-6.8.2010. Viikon tavoitteena on tuoda esille japanilaista populaarikulttuuria erityisesti pukeutumisen kautta - tavallaan näyttää, että tämäkin on "oikea harrastus". Samalla se on cosplayereille tilaisuus värittää Suomen harmaata katukuvaa ja käyttää uudestaan asuja, joihin on nähty tavattomasti vaivaa, mutta joita pidettäisiin päällä muuten ehkä sen yhden tai kahden conpäivän ajan.
OHJELMA:Helsingissä cosplayviikko starttaa Roihuvuoren Kirsikkapuistossa järjestettävällä julkisella piknikillä, jolle ovat tervetulleita niin cosplayaajat, kuvaajat kuin aiheesta muuten kiinnostuneet la 31.7 klo 13:00 eteenpäin. Kirsikkapuiston läheisyydessä sijaitsee myös japanilainen puutarha, joka on oivallinen tausta esimerkiksi photoshoottaamista ajatellen. Mitään erillistä ilmoittautumissysteemiä ei ole, mutta toivottavaa on, että jokainen piknikille tulija muistaa ottaa mukaan omat eväät (ainakin juotavaa) ja hyvät käytöstavat. Kannattaa myös ottaa mukaan jonkinlainen istuinalusta. Kirsikkapuisto sijaitsee Roihuvuoren vesitornin alapuolelle, Sahaajankadun ja Abraham Wetterintien kulmassa. Keskustasta pääsee metrolla Herttoniemeen ja perille busseilla 80 ja 82 (jää pois Keijukaistenpolun pysäkillä). Pysäköintipaikkoja on, mutta rajoitetusti. Pysäkeille pyritään laittamaan opasteita, mutta kannattaa tarkistaa reitti etukäteen myös itse siltä varalta, että joku käy esimerkiksi repimässä opasteet alas. Lisää tietoa cosplay-viikosta ja piknikistä löytyy anikin foorumilta: "
Tässä nyt oli sitten tätä infoa, toivottavasti siinä on ihmisille mielenkiintoa herättävääkin juttua :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time Travel To Year 2007

I cleaned up my room a bit the other day and I found some of my old drawings, they're from year 2007.. I was so happy that I found them, 'cause now I really can see that my drawing skills has really evolved past thease 3 years :)

First drawin is Maid Minto from Tokyo MewMew, I was a fan of Tokyo MewMew back then (I'm so ashamed of that >__<) and I drew a lot of TMM drawings, here's this one I found:

Well.. I really like the coloring of this one.. And I just LOVE that birdie.. I can't do a bird like that anymore, sadly :( The only thing that I hate in this drawing is Minto's legs, they're too short and well.. There's a lot of small mistakes, but overall I do like this (let's just cut her legs firstly off!!)>

This second drawing is Suigintou from Rozen Maiden.. I love that character so much and I have always wanted to cosplay her.. :3 I have the fabrics already and I have sewed that jacket, maybe I should do it xD But to the drawing:

Hmm.. Here's a lot that I dislike.. Her legs and face.. They just.. irritate me xD And I noticed that the coloring could be better too (but now I want to draw her again :S)..

Third drawing is Misha from Pita Ten.. I watched like.. 3 to 6 episodes and stopped there (I was afraid my brains would go boom).. I didn't even remember drawing her..

*cough chough* It is better than that Suigintou drawing but.. I don't know why I like that Suigintou drawing more than that.. I guess it's just the character then..

Now I have relealed somethig so embarassing from my past, but I don't care, 'cause I know I'm a much better drawer atm and past always stays in the past :P And I'm proud of myself, about that that I really did knew how to color and do shadings even in the year 2007.. :) And I'm also proud of me evolving!! ^^

Maybe next time I should reveal something really embarassing from my cosplay past, hmm? ;D

Oh, and btw, thease drawings have been drewn to paper size A3, so the drawings are huge!! :O

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kuroshitsuji Gone GaGa

When I saw this picture I was so shocked!! I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.. So I did both xD This is so freaking hilarious picture, but mostly I was shocked by Grell's outfit, I was like "Nooooooooooooooo~" but now I can look at this picture with pokerface xD Hopefully everybody can enjoy some laughs xD

Weekend and Photoshoot By Lake

Well.. My best friend turned 19 at 23th of July and at last weekend we had a little party and some photoshoots too :) I haven't gone through all the photos yet, there's like over 600 photos, so now I'm going to show you my Madam Red photos from our photoshoot that was held by this lake.. I can't remember the name of the lake, but still.. :P

We had two groups, one FMA (Full Metal Alchemist) and one MKR (Magic Knight Rayearth)/Kuroshitsuji, we had two cameras, so that's why we made these groups :)

But here's my photos:

I'll download more pictures, of others cosplays and from the evening and all :) We had so much fun so that's why I want to share the fun!! :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lulu's jewelry

Here's What I have done so far :) All three necklaces are ready and so are Lulu's earrings too :) There's still some strings, but I'm going to cut them off when I firstly have glued them, don't ask me why xD

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Synchronicity Miku

I saw in DeviantART this picture of Synchronicity Luka (Paradise of light and dark) and I got curious.. I qwent to YouTube and watched couple videos.. I LOVE, I really mean that I LOVE Mikus outfit, even though it could be more.. hmm.. well, it could cover more xD But I really want to do it!! :D Here's a picture:

I also found one good picture where all the details are shown!! YAY!! :) Maybe I'm going to cosplay her :D

But only if I get a Synchronicity group.. :')
Btw, I also love Mikus staff!! :3

Tracon V

Well, I haven't been able to post any pictures from Tracon V yet, so here they are!! :) Here's just some of those pictures, there was so many of them xD Enjoy~ :3

Thankies for everybody, that con was so freaking awesome!! :D